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Academic Faculty USC Program of Nurse Anesthesia

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Categories: Education

Position Type: Full Time & Part Time

Date Posted: 2/28/2018

Company: University of Southern California Program of Nurse Anesthesia

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: Academic Faculty (CRNA)
The DNAP academic faculty are responsible for teaching anesthesia concepts to the anesthesia graduate students through their service as academic course coordinators and/or lecturers. Lectures shall consist of principles of anesthesia, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy and physical assessment, pathophysiology of disease processes, policy, clinical population health, informatics, leadership and/or research and capstone projects.

The academic faculty will preferably hold a doctoral degree (e.g., EdD, PhD or DNP/DNAP) and maintain current California RN licensure and NBCRNA certification, and has completed coursework in evaluation, testing and curriculum development. The academic faculty position is a part-time position and these faculty have clinical responsibilities independent to the USCPNA. Must have a minimum of 2 years of clinical training and instruction. Curriculum development and evaluation knowledge preferred. Academic lecturers may be MD anesthesiologists.

The responsibilities include delivery of academic course content through lecture, presentations, and group discussion, to include the scientific and clinical background knowledge of anesthesia. Utilizes instructional techniques to enhance student knowledge and understanding of academic material. The position is a full-time 12-month appointment, reporting to the Program Director.

Preferred Education: Doctorate

Level: Entry Level, Experienced

Number of Openings: 2

Will Hire From: US Residents Only

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How To Apply: Please forward resume or CV to Attn: Academic Faculty Position USC

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