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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

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Categories: Clinical Practice

Position Type: Full Time

Date Posted: 6/22/2017

Company: St. Bernard Hospital

Location: Chicago, IL

Description: The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) provides general anesthesia in surgical and obstetric patients at the same time providing professional observations and resuscitation, when needed. S/he is responsible for the welfare of the patient as far as anesthetic effects are concerned. The CRNA recognizes the physiologic variations in patient’s condition and takes remedial measures to relieve unfavorable symptoms. S/he also completes perioperative clinical records accurately.


Required Education:

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or the combination of education, knowledge, skills, mental development, and relevant experience that enables performance of all aspects of the position.
Graduate of an accredited school of Anesthesia
Licensed Registered Nurse in the state of Illinois
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in the state of Illinois

Master’s degree in Nursing or related field preferred

Required Experience:

Minimum of three (3) years of CRNA experience.

III. Required Skills:

The following skills are necessary in order to perform the duties in the manner required: higher level of comprehension, skills, and ability, as well as continued learning is expected with increasing length of job experience.

Critical Skills:

Ability to understand the type of anesthesia given to patients basic surgical and anesthesia terminology usage of common anesthetic agents and drugs aseptic techniques sterilization techniques and purpose, use and care of all components of anesthesia machines. In addition, must be aware of the ethical and legal responsibilities between the anesthesia team and patient care.

Ability to work with realization that failure in performance of job duties may result in serious consequences to patients. Ability to work at an intense level of concentration with patients of varied risks for extended periods of time. Alertness to detect indications of unfavorable symptoms while patient is anesthetized. Considerable initiative and judgment is needed in recognizing and counteracting unfavorable developments in patient’s condition. Procedures need to be well standardized although changing conditions may necessitate frequent emergency decisions affecting patient’s welfare. Must be available to take twenty-four (24) hour calls as the on-call schedule dictates.

- Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
- Ability to read internal and external documents as pertains to job function.
- Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from subordinates co-workers, supervisors, and/or management.

Mathematical/Analytical Skills:

- Ability to calculate figures and amounts through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage.
- Ability to set priorities and multi-task.

Essential Mental Abilities:

- Ability to exercise independent judgment.
- Ability to be self-directing and organized.
- Ability to reason objectively.
- Ability to document concisely, accurately and timely.
- Ability to handle a variety of duties that may be interrupted or changed by immediate circumstances.
- Possess a reasonable tolerance for stressful situations.

Interpersonal Skills:

- Ability to relate cooperatively and constructively with subordinates, co-workers, executives, other departments, vendors, and outside regulatory agencies.
- Ability to enlist the cooperation of others.
- Provide courteous, cooperative service to healthcare professionals.

Duties & Responsibilities:


1. Ability to perform and provide general anesthesia monitor anesthesia care regional anesthesia (i.e. spinal, epidural, combined spinal epidural, etc.) and resuscitation.
2. Interview patients pre-operatively and assess their status for anesthesia.
3. Explain procedures to patients to assure cooperation and bolster confidence.
4. Determine type of anesthesia to be administered.
5. Provide general anesthesia under supervision of members of the department’s medical staff.
6. Provide professional observation and resuscitative care until patient has regained control of his/her vital functions.
7. Check and assemble the equipment and anesthetic machine prior to induction.
8. Ensure patient’s blood pressure, respiration and pulse are taken.
9. Regularly keep surgeon abreast of patient’s condition.
10. Provide the equipment necessary to administer anesthesia.
11. Clean equipment and replace supplies after use.
12. Record type of anesthetic used prior to, during and following administration.
13. Document immediately the post anesthetic evaluation in the progress notes for emergency cases in absence of Anesthesiologist.
14. Assist in moving patient from operation room to recovery room and/or floor.

Required Education: Baccalaureate Degree

Level: Experienced

Number of Openings: 1

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How To Apply: Send Resume and cover letter to

Company Address: 326 W. 64th Street Chicago IL 60621

Company Web Site: St.Bernard